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Friday afternoon as we were preparing to leave for a weekend at the lake, one of our upstairs toilets overflowed, which left a couple of inches of standing water in our bathroom and caused a downpour in the den below. We quickly grabbed every towel in the house to soak up the water, then threw them into a laundry basket.

I thought, no problem, we’ll just throw them in the dryer and when we get back from the lake at least they’ll be dry and won’t smell. A fine idea, except as I started the dryer it made a terrible noise and abruptly stopped, apparently due to a broken belt. With a mound of wet towels (not to mention the load that had already been in the washer) we decided to just go have a relaxing weekend and worry about it later.

Today when we returned home, we were met with the anticipated horrible smell of three-day-old wet towels but the bonus was this large branch on the driveway, which obviously fell out of the tree onto Sara Ann’s car, which we haven’t even had for a month. It left several dents, most notably this one right in front.

So now I’m washing towels that I will have to hang all over the house to let dry and hoping the bleach in the washer will kill the icky smell soon. Not to mention the carpet upstairs in our bedroom. Jim has gone to buy new towels to get us through until the dryer can be fixed.

Will someone please tell me why I left this:


to come home to this?


Uh oh. The washer is making a funny sound …

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  1. bgsand

    yeah, it really does. i’m trying to keep a sense of humor about it. if i don’t laugh, i surely will cry.

  2. Shey

    Ouch, that sucks. I get that same feeling whenever I come home from vacation, stinky towels or not 😛

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