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Today is Seed Hatchery Investor Day, the culmination of the 90-day program — the day the CEOs of the six chosen startups will make the final pitch to 20 – 30 potential investors in hopes of securing our first round of funding. Both Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton and Shelby Counter Mayor Mark Luttrell will be in attendance.

Seed Hatchery is boot camp, firing squad, fraternity, family and community. Spring training without the palm trees. We’ve shared trials and triumphs that no one outside the Tennessee Room at Emerge Memphis may ever fully appreciate.

The group is mostly young, mostly male, but as an older female, I’ve forged unexpected bonds with 20- 30- and a couple of 40-somethings. Connections that transcend age, gender and all but the common bond of the foxhole. We’re been encouraged and challenged, had our butts kicked and our ideas questioned and we’ve been coached brilliantly and managed well by Seed Hatchery co-founder, Eric Mathews. Eric’s vision has made these past 90 days invaluable; the people I’ve come to know, respect and genuinely love have made it unforgettable.

This tweet pretty much tells the story of today:

It’s fitting that I began today with words from the One who gifted me with the abilities that brought me to this place. And I’ll end it in celebration with those who have shared this journey.

In baseball, the payoff pitch is thrown on a full count and the batter knows a strike is coming. We’re ready. Bring it.

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