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Jim and I both enjoy taking pictures. I’m always the one who begs for the group photo at family events. (I’m also usually vetoed.)

So now we’re enjoying the fruits of our labor — we just invested in a Nikon D7000 digital SLR, a couple of lenses with numbers I don’t understand and one more lens that’s currently out of stock. I don’t understand the numbers on that one either. Thank goodness Jim knows just about everything there is to know about cameras, F-stops, ISOs, shutter speeds, ABCD and XYZ (I don’t really think those last two are camera terms).

What I do know is what I like. I like urban photos, landscape photos, people photos, weird and unusual photos, but more than anything I love sunset photos. Like this one.Mississippi River Sunset in Memphis

If I were Jim, I’d tell you what the F-stop and shutter speed were, which lens I used and all that. But I’m not. So I’ll just say it was a kinda long lens and there was no Photoshopping. Enjoy.

And take a trip down to the River at sunset some time. It’s worth it.

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