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John Ortberg, senior minister at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, pretty much sums up my feelings about politics and church.

… politics is an important sphere of human activity, and as such God is keenly interested in it. It was the Dutch theologian and politician (why don’t we have more of those in America?) Abraham Kuyper who famously said, “There is not one inch of creation about which Jesus Christ does not say, ‘This is mine!'”

However, as soon as human beings (including church leaders) start assuming they are in a position to pronounce God’s political leanings, things get a little dicey.

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As I nearly always do, I agree with Ortberg. I’m tired of churches and Christian organizations assuming my alliance falls with one party or the other. Neither party is more Christian than the other, though both like to believe they are.

Between now and election day, I’ll do my best to become better informed than I am now. I will not listen to candidates bad-mouth each other, tell lies and sling mud. Who wants to elect someone who can’t master common courtesy?

Right now I don’t know who I will vote for. But I do know 1) The decision I make in the voting booth will be a result of informed thought and prayer and 2) Probably between 40 – 60 percent of the people in America will disagree with me. I’m cool with that. Are you?

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