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We love sitting in our back yard. Unfortunately, it only looks good in very carefully cropped photos. Lots of trees, which is nice for shade, but not for grass growth. And two dogs who like to dig holes.

So this year, we decided that even though it looks like crap, we would enjoy it anyway. So we got some citronella torches and cleaned up the patio table & chairs. So now we cook out every chance we get, sit out on the patio and watch the sun set and just overlook the weeds and the bare dirt.

And … it looks pretty cool through a glass of Chardonnay. I snapped this pic tonight with my iPhone –

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  1. bgsand

    Ah, but here in the South, summer will (unfortunately) last much, much longer.

  2. Shey

    Enjoy the summer while it lasts!

    Love the redesign, btw 🙂

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