Fish: Phase Two

betta fish tank setup

Today we finished what we’re calling Phase Two of our betta fish tank project. We’re not experts, but we managed to get the filter set up, the tank filled, water tested, and decorations added.

Fish: Phase One

We’re setting up a betta fish tank. Come with us as we figure out what we’re doing.

That Time I Talked to Art Garfunkel

And I Did Not Cry Last night I spoke to Art Garfunkel. Now, this was not a private conversation. In fact, about 500 people (by Jim’s estimation) bore witness. We were given a generous and special gift from my sister and brother-in-law, which included tickets to an event at the St. Louis County Library and […]

Small Miracles, Magnificent Gifts

I‘ve always believed in miracles. I’ve known some really big ones in my family. Big miracles are like the fireworks on the Fourth of July — they make an instant impression amid the ooohs, and ahhhs, and the jaws that drop. Small miracles are different; they give us joy when life is easy and good, […]

A Little Something Fun for a Rainy Friday

I love this guy. It’s a mashup of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue and Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Both are favorites of mine; Rhapsody in Blue was my senior piano solo and Bohemian Rhapsody — well, it just is.


I’m a big fan of winter. The main reason I tolerate spring is that it brings baseball season. But I do love flowers, and especially azaleas. This one is in our back yard and it’s in full bloom. I love the vivid color, so I shot this closeup pic. Now if I can just remember […]

How Fast is 95 MPH?

Personally, I’m not really through with winter until we get at least one good snow, but if spring has to come, I’m so glad it brings baseball. I find this fascinating. How on earth does anyone ever hit a baseball? Via: Phoenix Bats: Wood Bats

Bucket List Item: The Northern Lights

I have a weird obsession with the Northern Lights. It’s one of those things that’s on my bucket list. Meeting Art Garfunkel is another, but we’re talking about the Aurora Borealis today. It seems Norway gets all the good sightings. This one is no exception: Have you seen them? Are they really that cool in […]

Butterfly on a Boat

Nearly a month ago we spent the Fourth of July weekend at Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas. As we sat in the boat in the middle of the lake, this butterfly lit on one of our floats. I couldn’t believe he/she sat still long enough for this pic. Photo taken with iPhone4 and absolutely no […]