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Sometimes I think Americans just have to try to find things to argue about.

We are barely a week out from the tragic deaths of 12 people in a horrific shooting spree in a movie theater. An event that saw three men, Jon Blunk, Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves, give their lives for their girlfriends. The young men threw themselves between their girlfriends and the gunman and took the bullets for the women they loved. If you want to talk about heroism, I think that’s the ultimate example. I’ve read nothing about the religious or spiritual lives of these guys, yet, each sacrificed their lives for another and, by all accounts, did so willingly. Sound familiar?

Contrast that with the political atmosphere and the current Chick-Fil-A furor.

On both sides of each debate are those who identify themselves as Christians. And on both sides, the rhetoric descends into personal attacks and adversarial relationships. It’s the kind of bickering that always made my daddy threaten to turn the station wagon around and go home. It’s ugly. It’s unbecoming.

So can we turn back? Can we go back to a time when we could disagree without eviscerating one another? Can we be more like the movie theater heroes and less like a screaming toddler who just got a favorite toy taken away?

Go find someone you disagree with — all you have to do is jump on Facebook for 30 seconds and I promise you’ll find at least one. Invite them for coffee, lunch, or a beer. Love them, like Someone loved you when He made a sacrifice for you that He didn’t have to make.

God loves us even when we act like spoiled toddlers, when we’re full of pride because we are right and when we are more focused on taking someone down than taking a bullet for them.

We need heroes. Be one.

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